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Community and Meet and Greet Sign-In

Our Community is finally online! There will be exclusive content, competitions and special merch for you in the future. First things coming still this week! Sign in and stay informed!

Right now you should join the community, if you´re proud owner of the VETO-ARMY-PASS: As of today you can sign up in the community for the Meet and Greet contest for our upcoming VETO-TOUR.

HSB VETO TOUR line up completed!!! Meet and Greet

We are very, very proud to announce the almighty DYING FETUS and Scotlands finest BLEED FROM WITHIN joining our VETO MMXIII Tour in November/December!

So it´s HEAVEN SHALL BURN, HYPOCRISY, DYING FETUS and BLEED FROM WITHIN for less than 30 Euros! We fought really hard to make a fair ticket price possible! So what are you waiting for?! Get your tickets now. They sell extremely fast! Really looking forward to meet you guys in the pit!

We know that many of you wait for closer info on our VETO-Tour Meet and Greet competition. There will be news very soon! We will make sure, that there is enough time for everybody to take part in it. So don´t be afraid of meet and greet news being released and all spots on the list being gone like 30 sec later. It will be enough time to hear the call for everybody! Stay tuned.

HEAVEN SHALL BURN enters official German Album Charts on # 2 !!!

We´re so proud and first of all we have to thank YOU guys for getting VETO among the top 3 german records!!! Chart positions in other european countries have been really amazing as well.

And before we forget: Thanks to everybody showing up and dancing at our release-shows in Leipzig, Vienna and Zürich! We had a great time. And sorry for the difficult sound in Leipzig – 15 min. before the show some metal unfriendly local residents called the police and they enforced a 99 db volume limit on us… Thanks for your understanding and moshing anyway!


HSB – Anniversary

Okay folks, here is great news! HSB is playing a special 15th anniversary show in Saalfeld (Saale) on Dec. 21st. It will also be our 500th show!!! Order your tickets now – this is going to be sold out pretty soon!

Even cooler: we will be supported by our friends CALIBAN!

And to make it perfect: HSB is supporting CALIBAN on their 15th anniversary show on the 20th of Dec. in Bochum as well!

Hamburg Metal Dayz!

HSB in Hamburg! Im Rahmen der HAMBURG METAL DAYZ werden HSB eine Show spielen. Soooo lange ist die letze Sause dort zwar noch nicht her, aber wir werden einen guten Teil unserer Einkünfte der Wacken Foundation zukommen lassen, die auch unser Jugendclub-Metal-Projekt unterstützt. Also kommt rum und feiert mit für einen guten Zweck!!!
HSB playing Hamburg this thursday, we´re gonna donate a good amount of our profits to the Wacken Foundation. So be there and have fun with us!!!
Und dazu noch das date auf die Seite:
20.09.2012 Hamburg-Markthalle + Callejon+Neaera+Der Weg Einer Freiheit