Pre-order for our new record WANDERER is up!

As of now you can pre-order our upcoming record WANDERER! There are really nice bundles available at and
Release date is September the 16th 2016! Especially vinyl junkies should be fast, some editions are very limited!
There is also a trailer and even a brand new song called DOWNSHIFTER in the internet.
Check it out and enjoy! Stay tuned for more news!!!

Working on a new record!!!

Yes, folks. Time has come again – we´re working on a new record!

We´re about to enter studio and we will keep you updated on our progress.
Yet, once in a while we will return to sunlight and play a few festivals all over Europe. Really looking forward to that as well!
Oh and yeah, the soccer team we sponsor – FC Carl Zeiss Jena – plays vs. FC Bayern Munich in August in the German Cup!
Thrilling times!!!!

Onward to 2016!!!

2016 will be one crazy year for HSB, we hope you guys will be with us!!!
Some really cool festival shows are about to be booked, stay tuned, we will release a complete list pretty soon!

HSB + PWD – European TOUR!

After touring South America, PARKWAY DRIVE and HEAVEN SHALL BURN decided to bring this package to  Europe! We had so much fun together on the road and we can´t wait to let you be part of this circus! Support will be nobody less than the almighty CARNIFEX + Australia´s newest sensation NORTHLANE!! See our tour-section for all european dates and ticket links! Also check – they sell really nice hard tickets for the best price! Pre-sale has already started and it´s going extremely well – so be fast!

One crazy year is ending!

2013 has been the most successful year for HSB so far! Thank you so much for pushing us forward, for moshing, screaming and sweating on our shows, for buying our records, for sending us messages, sweets, goodies and letters – to make it short: WE LOVE YOU for participating in this wonderful thing called HEAVEN SHALL BURN. It really means A LOT to us!

We´re already getting ready for all the challenges 2014 will bring. First one will be our Co-Headlining tour with  PARKWAY DRIVE in South America and our first ever show in Mexico! A few really cool festivals are already confirmed as well!

May 2014 be an exciting and happy year for all of you! Full speed ahead!


Christian Bass to drum for HSB!

This is not really news, but we felt, that it is important to many HSB followers out there to really identify with the musicians in the bands you like. So we decided, to announce Chris Bass, who helped us out on drums during the last years already, as an official band member from now on! This means the band you´ll see on stage in future and on our upcoming VETO-Tour will be the same HSB line up that was around since quite some time already. Here are a few words from drummer Matthias:

“Hi folks,

as some of you might have noticed, due to some problems with my lower back, I haven’t been playing any shows with HSB in a while.

People keep on asking me, about my current situation and when I’ll be back.

First of all, I’m pleased to say that I’m without any problems for quite a while.
I’m full of hope that things are going to stay that way, if I take better care of myself than I did, before my time off.
Unfortunately it’s been a very long break and it literally took me years without constant playing or rehearsing.
That’s the reason why we couldn’t set a date for my restart with HSB. We simply didn’t know when I would be able to make it through a whole tour, physically.
To be back for good, I would need to trust my abilities to give my best every night, simply because you guys deserve it.
Well, people say that the drums are the foundation of every band and especially a band like HSB needs some continuity on this position. Unfortunately, with my unsure condition, it got just harder and harder.
Although it was a very tough decision, it’s the best, if HSB gets someone, who can be 100% available and take the position behind the drum set.
Christian Bass, who had been touring and playing with the guys for a while already, just burned down his old drums and took the drummer’s stool in HSB.
I wish him and the boys just the best!
I wanna thank everyone who supported HSB and me during the last 15, 16 or even 17 years. You don’t hear stories like this every day and it’s still unbelieveable what we achieved all together.
Well, I will continue to play drums and we’ll see what the future holds for me. I won’t disappear and you might run into me at some show.
We’ll meet again anyway.
Thank you for everything!
Of course Matthias will remain an important part of HSB in many departments, we´re a bunch of friends and not some soulless music company! So welcome Chris but don´t write off Matthias!