Heaven Shall Burn

Over the past 15 years, HEAVEN SHALL BURN have continued to evolve into a auditory monster that cannot be pigeonholed into any specific genre and where other bands show signs of easing back on their aggression, HEAVEN SHALL BURN do the exact opposite and continue to focus their attack, while remaining steadfast about bringing to light social and ecological injustices through their lyrical content. HEAVEN SHALL BURN have always strived to inspire the listener to educate themselves about injustices of the past as well as current issues while leading the charge towards a more socially und ecologically aware and positive lifestyle. They show no sign of compromise with their latest offering which is entitled “VETO”, which offers up 11 songs of unyielding heaviness, lyrical mastery and social commentary.

Production and engineering duties for “VETO” were handled by the band’s guitarist, Alexander Dietz at Chemical Burn Studios in Bad Kösen, Germany. Mixing was controlled by Tue Madsen at Antfarm Studio in Aabyhøj, Denmark. HEAVEN SHALL BURN felt that after working with Tue Madsen on all releases since 2004 (with the exception of “Deaf To Our Prayers”) having him work on “VETO” was the natural choice.

Guitarist Maik Weichert comments about the sonics of “VETO”:  “We listened carefully to some of the feedback we received for our previous albums and worked hard on improving our sound. However, this doesn’t necessarily mean just cranking up the volume, but using more dynamics. Tue had recommended this for a long time, but we finally also listened to him and are more than happy with the result.”

While laying down the track, “Land Of The Upright Ones,” guitarists of the German Thrash Metal band, Macbeth, shredded through a set of guest guitar solos, while Rob Franssen and Dominik Stammen of Born From Pain belted out guest vocals for “Die Stürme rufen Dich”. The cover of “Valhalla”, which pays homage to Blind Guardian, was even supported by Hansi Kürsch himself singing several lines.  Maik Weichert about “Valhalla”: “The song is heavy, yet melodic – it’s a hymn for eternity. We never had as much fun with a cover.”