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We´re more than happy being back at the FULL FORCE FESTIVAL in 2020. This festival has a very special place in our hearts, we grew up here as fans and as a band. Get your tickets at
So watch out! We´re coming home and we´re so looking forward to mosh and destroy with you guys!!!”

New Album “VETO” out now; new video for “Hunters Will Be Hunted” online

Heaven Shall Burn - Veto

In order to celebrate the release of their new album, “VETO”, HEAVEN SHALL BURN have launched a new video for the album track “Hunters Will Be Hunted”. This video-clip was produced and directed by Film-M and Philipp Hirsch, who previously made the videos for HEAVEN SHALL BURN’s “Endzeit” and “Black Tears,” as well as the “Bildersturm” DVD and bonus DVD for “Invictus”. To watch “Hunters Will Be Hunted,” please click here

Maik Weichert (guitars) comments about the video for “Hunters Will Be Hunted”: “The topic of the video is very important to us. No matter if it’s hobby hunters in our regions, tourists going hunting in Africa or the ineffable whalers that Sea Shepherd are luckily setting more and more bounds to – Theodor Heuss’ (first President of the Federal Republic of Germany) words are universal: ‘Hunting is merely a cowardly circumlocution for the especially cowardly murder of fellow creatures who don’t have a chance. Hunting is a variant of human mental illness.’ The video is a bit unusual for a metal band, but we think it is a little different and standing out against the normal stereotypes of the scene. We are really proud that we could win Denise Rombouts over for the main female role. It was great fun working with such a talented and professional model. She really taught every one of us a lesion when it came down to being tough and keep on working during an ice cold winter day.

Read on for a few international reviews of the critically acclaimed “VETO”:

Rarely was it more entertaining to put in a ‘VETO’ – or play it.(soundcheck #2, Metal Hammer, DE)

Where the Thuringians turned a blind eye before they are astonishing with arrangements that are perfect down to the last detail. […] Due to the amount of highlights it is tough to point out a particular song […].(Rock Hard, DE)

When heaven is burning on ‘VETO’ flames are painting two massive words into the skies: freedom and truth. […] HEAVEN SHALL BURN are varying their monstrous metal, so the draft of the soundtrack is in no way inferior to the depth of the transported thought.(Visions, DE)

The Thuringians are playing superb melodic Death Metal with an In Flames angle and even have a terrific cover of Blind Guardians’s ‘Valhalla’.(Guitar, DE)

As expected the Thuringians are putting in their musical and lyrical ‘VETO’.(Legacy, DE)

A whole list of surprises that are framed perfectly by the unbelievable sound.(Ox, DE)

The only way to make something wilder than this would have been including a chainsaw in the special edition.(Revolver, E)

The band returns with their mouths full of hate and a fistful of songs that will make you forget the three long years that have passed since their last album.(Rockzone, E)

HEAVEN SHALL BURN did it again.(Rock Tribune, B)

unbelievably aggressive(Aardschok, NL)

‘VETO’ could well take pride of place as THE archetypal HEAVEN SHALL BURN record, practically overflowing with passion and vigour.(

…one of the best metal releases in 2013 so far.(

…’VETO’ is just a marvel.(

An unconventional metalcore record through and through, this is one helluva ride that should not be missed.(New Noise Magazine)

The following formats are available of “VETO”:

CD and LP formats:
– Standard CD Jewelcase
– Ltd. Edition 2CD: The luxurious Mediabook comes with an extended booklet, a bonus track (“European Super State” originally by Killing Joke) and a bonus-CD entitled “500.Live” (15 live songs)
– Ltd. Edition 3CD Box Set (strictly limited, only available in Germany, Austria, Switzerland): The Box Set comes with the Ltd. Edition 2CD plus a CD in a Jewelcase with the alternative “Blizzard Over England Mix” by Colin Richardson. Additionally you are getting a HSB belt, hand signed poster A3, lanyard, HSB VETO army meet & greet competition pass, VETO whistle.
– LP + CD: While the vinyl comes in an alternative mix by Colin Richardson (“Blizzard Over England Mix”) the CD features the Tue Madsen mix.

Digital Downloads:
– Standard album
– Digital Deluxe: standard album + “500.Live” (15 live songs)
– iTunes Exclusive: standard album + “European Super State” (originally by Killing Joke) + “River Runs Red” (originally by Life Of Agony) + “Whatever It May Take 2013”
– iTunes Exclusive Digital Deluxe: standard album + “European Super State” (originally by Killing Joke) + “River Runs Red” (originally by Life Of Agony) + “Whatever It May Take 2013”
+ “500.Live” (15 live songs)

New song and pre-orders online!

Heaven Shall Burn

Check out to play our little soundpuzzle and download a track from our new album VETO!
Or go to youtube, if you´re too lazy…
Let us know what you think about the new tunes!

You may also order VETO now: IMPERICON and EMP have their pre-orders online already!
The vinyl version and the deluxe box of the record will feature an alternative mix, called “Blizzard Over England Mix” by nobody less than Colin Richardson. The story behind the strange name for the mix: We were ready to fly over to England and mix the record, but there was a huge snow chaos in the UK, no planes, no trains, roads blocked no way to get there. Colin was even snowed in and could not get out of the studio at all. So he mixed in almost absolute isolation and brought in a lot of interesting thoughts – without us sitting on the couch in the back and giving our “valuable” advices… We really like the result and thought you should also listen to it. Most people might not find the mixes are any different, but those who are interested in sounds and tweaking can discover lots of different details. So this is a bonus, you don´t have to pay extra for it and of course the vinyl and deluxe versions will also contain the normal mix!

Entering studio!

Yes, we´re about to record a new album! All songs are written and we´re really happy with it!
100% HSB without compromise, but a few really cool surprises for you guys!
Stay tuned for upcoming news – we´ll of course provide reports, studio-pics, pre-views and videos for you!

HSB – Anniversary

Okay folks, here is great news! HSB is playing a special 15th anniversary show in Saalfeld (Saale) on Dec. 21st. It will also be our 500th show!!! Order your tickets now – this is going to be sold out pretty soon!

Even cooler: we will be supported by our friends CALIBAN!

And to make it perfect: HSB is supporting CALIBAN on their 15th anniversary show on the 20th of Dec. in Bochum as well!

Hamburg Metal Dayz!

HSB in Hamburg! Im Rahmen der HAMBURG METAL DAYZ werden HSB eine Show spielen. Soooo lange ist die letze Sause dort zwar noch nicht her, aber wir werden einen guten Teil unserer Einkünfte der Wacken Foundation zukommen lassen, die auch unser Jugendclub-Metal-Projekt unterstützt. Also kommt rum und feiert mit für einen guten Zweck!!!
HSB playing Hamburg this thursday, we´re gonna donate a good amount of our profits to the Wacken Foundation. So be there and have fun with us!!!
Und dazu noch das date auf die Seite:
20.09.2012 Hamburg-Markthalle + Callejon+Neaera+Der Weg Einer Freiheit

Festivalseason is on!

Thanks so much to everybody who came to see our shows at this years summer-festivals so far – even at the more pop and rock like events there were lots of HSB warriors!
With Full Force Festival was just crazy, seems like the thundergod was joining the HSB party that night – one of the most intense HSB gigs ever!
We just added a really cool festival: check out this will be a great thing and a nice closing for our festival season 2012.
August will be a busy month, as we´re playing festivals every weekend, so come along and support us – we need you especially at the pop/rock festivals, somebody has to show the hipster community how to mosh!!! So see you in the pit.

HSB FestivalEin riesen Dankeschön an alle, die uns auf den bisherigen Festivals unterstützt haben. Besonders cool war es zu sehen, dass auch auf den Pop/Rock Festivals eine Menge HSB Anhänger den Moshpit geentert haben! Bisheriger Höhepunkt war das Full Force Festival, keiner der dabei war wird diese Nacht jemals vergessen, der Donnergott hat mitgetanzt – eine der krassesten HSB shows ever!
Zum Abschluss der Festivalsaison haben wir noch eine Show hinzubekommen. Checkt das wird ein cooler Abend mit einer tollen Atmosphäre und wir freuen uns das erste mal nach Vöhrigen zu kommen!
Vorher wird aber nochmal der August sehr geschäftig, wir sind auf einer Menge Festivals am Start und besonders auf den anstehenden popigeren festivals brauchen wir Eure Unterstützung, jemand muss der Hipstergemeinde dort doch beibringen wie man zu moshen hat!